WalletD API Documentation

WalletD is a Rust-based cryptocurrency library designed to facilitate intuitively working with various cryptocurrencies. It implements functionality designed to allow developers to work with several cryptocurrencies in a standardised way.

WalletD is a cryptocurrency wallet library that encapsulates Rust-based functionality for various cryptocurrencies and blockchains. It contains features for creating and importing wallets, checking balances, and sending and receiving transactions. It aims to provide a standard interface for interacting with significantly different cryptocurrencies and their blockchains.

The vision behind WalletD is to simplify the development and implementation of multi-cryptocurrency non-custodial wallets by third parties.



Learn how to use mnemonics in WalletD.

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HD Key

Understand how a hierarchical deterministic key works, and how to use it in WalletD.

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Bitcoin Wallet

Learn how to use WalletD to implement a Bitcoin wallet.

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Ethereum Wallet

Learn how to use WalletD to implement an Ethereum wallet.

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WalletD Overview

Learn how to use WalletD at a high level.

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Learn about features for handling mnemonics in WalletD.

HD Key

Learn how WalletD facilitates the use of HD wallets.


Learn about how WalletD simplifies interacting with Bitcoin.


Learn about how WalletD simplifies interacting with Ethereum.

WalletD KeyPair

Reference on WalletD KeyPair .